22 April 2019

Strange Image

6 April 2018: On reaching a stretch of road that I have never been too keen on, situated just outside Bangor in Gwynedd, I found a polaroid photograph (reproduced above), pretending to be a half-finished oil painting, in the middle of the pavement, image upwards and obviously meant for me to find. It was distorted by weathering but seems to have been rather abstract to begin with. It has a seance look to it, with faces in the distortion areas. Perhaps it was an apport.

18 April 2019


I have slightly updated my stream-of-consciousness occult-conspiracy publication Actuality (2018), to make broken links work and so. This new Version 008 can be downloaded as a free PDF offsite. My high/low culture critique montage Mark Reeve's Mediascope (2019) has also been corrected. The latest version can be downloaded as a free PDF offsite. My non-conformist poetry collection Rex Erects (2018) has had a new long (two-page) poem, 'The Dates Underneath', added. The latest version can be downloaded as a free PDF offsite. All of these can also be downloaded from the MR TEXT page of this here website. I have also added more links to my Psychic Questing report.

10 April 2019

Mark Reeve's Mediascope

Via the Spook Press I have just published a probable one-off thing that consists of my freeform literary, film and audio media criticism. Entitled Mark Reeve's Mediascope and structured in a 58-page A5 PDF format, it can be downloaded for free here or via the MR TEXT page.

11 March 2019


I'm not waving flags for anything or nothing, just simmering a few interests in various trance levels. Am continuing Herculean to get the occult-conspiracy Y (UNITE) Magazine omnibus revised, expanded and ready for publication, but have got happily distracted by the fascinating atmosphere of the EVP audio-cassettes made by British researcher Raymond Cass. Also pretty wild is this visual ITC compilation by Keith J. Clark, founder of the iDigitalMedium Team. Was also curious to see that Aleister Crowley has a dedicated page on the National Trust website in connection to Tredegar House, the dwelling zone of Mr Crowley's friend Evan "Black Monk" Morgan. Other things are lining up. This goes beyond synchronicity.

Several hours of OKOK Videos 1, 2/3 & 4 (2002-2003), that were originally produced by myself and were later edited by Paul Harrison in 2014, are now available as a single free 4GB MP4 entitled OKOK Society Video Action, here. They feature televisual cut-ups and the odd original performance. Also see Paul Harrison's FFF (Found Footage Film), an otherdimensional or interpenetrational one-hour that has a flavour of trancy CCTV, spying or voyeur, with a bespoke soundtrack. His Zero Infinity film is another.

A straightforward one-sided polemic is The Dolphin Question. The elaborate and lengthy Anholt Island Danish Satanism hoax: article and documentary. On disk is the Name & Shame/Life Irritates Art DVD zine, that is pushing a no-audience onslaught full of interesting underground films, stills, audio and whatnot in formats PDF, JPEG, MP3, AVI and so. More information here and here. It's available for an agreed product trade or £6 including P&P or £8 anywhere else. PayPal your order to or ask a question at: deepkiss720@hotmail.com

The Simon Morris booklets Creepshots (2018) and Civil War (2018) give you ideas. $10 each from Amphetamine Sulphate in the USA but some titles can be had from the UK for £14.99 each via Cargo Records. You can read the complete PDF of Simon Morris' the exploited (2009) on this site here, and/or experience his band The Ceramic Hob's music video for 33 Trapped Chilean Miners. The Sheffield Patrol Group (SPG) 67-page PDF, SPG presents SHEFFIELD, is a photographic and textual examination of that city's undercurrents.

Something else is The Portal real-time spirit communication device made by Steve Huff, that has a marvellously strange quality, akin to the online wide-band WebSDR radios here and here. Julie Wilson's An Investigation into the Philosophical & Psychological Basis of the Work of Hermann Nitsch & Genesis P-Orridge (Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield, 1997) is a substantial examination by someone who actually knew and worked with the latter person. A recently digitised collection of rare William S. Burroughs talk tapes is now online for free listening.