29 May 2018

Update 10

So hot have to escape, enjoying the great thunderstorm. In this zone I am Firstwave Goth, HP Lovecraft's The Outsider. A Mystery Shopper, Dream of Dracula, the Seddon Tapes and survival tins, walking through and away from the Utters on a literary trip. Thus I have added another page to both The Violet Lens and Xes Says Yes.

It's been augmented by Michael Stevens' excellent fascinator, The Road to Interzone: Reading William S. Burroughs Reading, a reference work which lists, with notes, the books WSB read, and JG Ballard - The Interview Concordance, with links to many of them in full. This somehow codes to the "GO NUDIST" drawing board. For more on this healthy and efficient subculture visit British Naturism.

19 May 2018

Update 9

I have added five new non-conformist exploratory poems to my Rex Erects, that is now a substantial 84 pages and can be downloaded for free here. The next Spook Press release will be my follow up to Actuality, to be published this Autumn. I do not envisage making any more audio or film works. The MR Project will probably be literarian only from now on.

Also know that a new edition of Rana Breiner's psychogeographical epic, Three & Three from the SPG, That Demonstrates Reality, with an improved back cover, is now available. And a new A6-sized edition of Patrick Wood's poetry/prose collection, A Heavy Weight, is here.

30 April 2018

From The G & B

In a homage to the Green & Black Fact, Mark Reeve conceived and constructed a multimedia conceptual artwork entitled The G & B, for reasons best known to himself. Released in a limited edition of 10 copies in January 2018, it consists of a roughly-hewn Black Book made from a sheaf of vintage photo-album paper, that is designed to be read in twilights whilst listening to the accompanying 39-minute audio MP3, 53617438297621, that consists of shortwave radio static and stations originally recorded onto bi-analogue tape by The OKOK Society during the 1990s. All copies of The G & B have since been distributed out, but the full-length duration MP3 audio file has now been made freely available to hear.
MR 2018 | 320Kbps | 44.100Hz | 39mins | MP3

20 April 2018

Update 8

I have added a new page to the occult-conspiracy collage contemplation document, The Violet Lens, that can be downloaded here. Also revised Actuality and re-typeset it in a single font. The new edition is here. Plus just published the revised edition of the Sheffield Patrol Group's Ultra-Tripping document. More information is here.

16 April 2018

Reference Gird - Updated Version

A Mark Reeve spoken and noise affair utilising field recordings and his old plus latest poetry, cut/up and straight-read. This edition is a ReEdit of the Redit and now includes the previously released works The New British Poetics and Violet Lens Abridged.
MR 2018 | 320Kbps | 44.100Hz | 39mins | MP3