8 January 2017

MR Introduction

MR is primarily here to document research into the occult, conspiracy and related fields of underground outer culture conducted by the self-taught British creative, Mark Reeve. The secondary function of MR is to feature Mark Reeve's myriad collaborations with his friends and colleagues; their standalone projects; plus choice found items. MR is updated regularly at irregular intervals, for thinking people beyond the pale.

Mark Reeve was born in the county of Norfolk, England, in 1968. His earliest memories are of feeling different from everyone else and perceiving strange phenomena, closely followed by what could be termed "UFO and alien close encounters and abductions". After this terrifying yet rewarding series of events he developed an intense and continuous interest in the otherdimensional/magic and weird/outsider art, i.e. the possibilities of an expanded consciousness.

He is best known as the co-founder of the reformed unorthodox anarcho-gnostic "cult cult" the OKOK Society (OS) - later renamed the OKOK Research Bureau (ORB) - and founder of the Ordo Innominate (O∴I∴) Earth Mysteries lodge (that are documented by primary sources in Foghorn [120pp, 8mb PDF]), and has also been a member of other organisations, but he eventually realised the only true path is one's own, and no longer tolerates any attempt by others to define him.