17 January 2017

Reevism - Vol 1

Mark Reeve's in-depth journalistic articles and experimental fiction that explores magical, artistic, conspiratorial and related undercurrent weirdness. This is the definitive revised and expanded version of the first volume, whose general theme is "normal anomaly." Its already published and previously unpublished contents were created between 1993-2017.


MARK REEVE - An Introduction to Reevism
MARK REEVE - The Alpha-Omega God Code
MARK REEVE - Scared: An Anagram of Sacred
MARK REEVE - The Midnight Desires of Wyrd Engines
MARK REEVE - We'll Sort it All Out in Dreams

MARK REEVE - On PizzaGate
MARK REEVE - A Spellbound Tipping-Point
MARK REEVE - A Symbol Track
MARK REEVE - Bloodsessions & an Eerie Synchronicity
MARK REEVE - Charity Shop Metaphysics

MARK REEVE - The Lost Goth Bands of Britain
MARK REEVE - All Aboard the Experimental Worship?

THE ACTING HEAD & MARK REEVE - Overview (The Proper Stuff)

Spook Press Version 3.0 2017 | A4 88pp | 2.65mb PDF
Download Reevism Volume 1 here.