20 March 2017

Foghorn Now Updated

Foghorn: The OKOKian Intelligencer - that constitutes the definitive history of the magical-art philosophy of OKOKianism as practiced by the OKOK Society (later renamed the OKOK Research Bureau) - has been updated. It now has an Introduction by Harold Holt; another Ordo Innominate Transmission that has recently been discovered; and there are various other tweaks. It is available as a free 124pp PDF. More information here.

18 March 2017


Detail from one of the three existing versions of the Collaboration (2016-2017), a 12pp, A4-sized, full-colour book by Mark Reeve & Dr Adolf Steg (who did most of the work). It's not for sale, and features the OKOK Society's OKOK Manual (1999), that has seen a number of exhibitions and recycles into various mediums.

13 March 2017

Update 1

MR now has a slight YouTube channel, that will mostly be used for embedding videos referred to in written articles, although there are a few standalone videos there.

Both volumes of Y (UNITE) have been deleted, as Mark Reeve's content is long overdue a revision and expansion, and will later re-appear as a series of single articles, the format of which is at present undecided. The rest of the material has now been added to the newest version of Oddments, apart from the articles 'Frank Field the Magician' by Joel Biroco, that can be read here or here, and 'Respect the Yeti' by Stream Angel.

Brainwashed at Chip Shop

Seven somewhat dubious examples of supposed experimental fiction mostly written by Mark Reeve when he was seeing shadows out of the corner of his eyes and going to sleep wearing headphones to drown out the faint inscrutable voices in the air. Revised and expanded edition.
Version 1.2 2017 | A5 108pp | 872kb PDF