10 April 2017

Listenings & Watchings

Jack Hargreaves: The Master.
CW Chanter: A New Religious Movement & exposer of sham ones.
Kali Tribune: That which lies out of focus, dwells in the details.
John Razimus: The anti-occult occult investigator.
WeaponCollector: Knuckle dusters, trench knives, tutorials, etc.
IKS Exploration: Real history every Friday (WWII bunkers, etc).
Black Lotus Kult: Lectures by Michael Bertiaux, etc.
Where Did the Road Go?: A paranormal & related radio show.
Gnostic Media: Conspiracy research & publishing.
angusbarron: Urbane urban Christianity.
Weird Texas EVP: Finding things off the "paranormal map".
Occult Demon Cassette: Unintentionally bizarre VHS tape finds.
reamce: From the Depths & Werewolves of Sodom podcasts.
Killendel: A spiritual existential ontology.
Gérard Grisey: The spectralist pioneer.
Rakta: A pagan trance sensation band from São Paulo.
Punkike Punk: The vibrant Spanish punk scene.