18 May 2017

Psychic Questing Revisited

A real treat for those interested in Psychic Questing (PQ) is the latest Transatlantic ParaRadio Show, that features old schoolers Andy Mercer and Richard Ward discussing the subject, plus occult books and HP Lovecraft. Listen here.

If you want to know more about UK PQ, a remastered and expanded edition of Andrew Collins' classic work, The Black Alchemist (first published 1988), is available (also see here & here). Then there's the omnibus edition of The North Wales Psych[ic]ogeographical Network (NWPN) Newsletter, here, and The Sheffield Keys article by the Cross Of Light Temple (COLT) & myself.

10 May 2017

Update 2

I have fixed the broken links on the Related Works page, and uploaded some more videos to the MR YouTube channel. Hope to do more "as they happen" ones "in camera", maybe with a different soundtrack put in afterwards. The artful use of film has been made plain to me by - amongst others - the tripped out scenarios of the twins Jane & Louise Wilson and Gisèle Vienne. Other watchings include Outer People such as: Angus Barron; oceanwavex; Stegsify; Moon Child; Krista Hower; Serenity Rayne; Dark Christian; Old Parts; Cecil Harvey; and the investigative journalism of Tom Cahill.