31 July 2017

Update 5

The ORB Field Agent Reports occult-conspiracy compilation has now been revised and expanded. For more information and the free download link to this new Version 1.4 publication go here.

25 July 2017

Update 4

The Sheffield Keys psychic questing article by the Cross Of Light Temple with Mark Reeve has been revised and expanded. This Version 3.0 has been formatted as a webpage and is ready as a zip file. More information and the free download link are here.

8 July 2017

ORB Field Agent Reports

Fully revised and expanded versions of the OKOK Research Bureau (ORB) field agent reports. Subjects include Kubrick/Polanski film decoding; ritual murder; gangstalking; the Third Testament; numbersuns; the Moon-landing hoax and more.
Version 1.6 2017 | A4 114pp | 3.8mb PDF