25 September 2017

Update 6

I have added a few more pages to The Violet Lens Issue 1, so it now has 18 altogether and delivers occult-conspiracy in image-collage more fully. This newly reworked version is here.

2 September 2017

Mark Reeve - Collages 2008-2009

Trance and dream influenced creations by Mark Reeve that consist of original analogue film photographs mostly of North Wales.

Koala Nuke Moth

Koala Nuke Moth is a handmade 8-page, A5-size booklet made from the original A4 loose-leaf proof pages of the OKOK Society's obsessional OKOK Manual (Luminous Press, 1999), that have been folded in half then margin stapled to produce a total art publication consisting of collage, drawing and text.

Each Koala Nuke Moth is unique and has a Certificate of Authenticity. This is a limited edition of 14, restricted to one copy per household. Signed and numbered by OKOK Society co-founder, Mark Reeve. They are not for sale, but are available via a barter transaction.