28 January 2018


Documents the 'illusory' stream of consciousness channelled opinion pieces expressed in varying forms by Mark Reeve. Plus information on a new psychic questing group in North Wales. Also involves the accompanying 52½-minute Actuality Sonic Supplement MP3.
Version 007 2018 | A4 38pp | 3.8mb PDF/MP3

Actuality Sonic Supplement features Mark Reeve reading his esoteric poems, radio-transmission-based montages by Rocky Roller & The Rocks, The Distortionists and ex-OKOK Research Bureau members, plus a sociological noise and voice statement provided by The Thrybergh Rastas. Here it is reviewed by Pigge Bwoy:
"The only goal is chaos." It's made by a follower of the cult of Satan... It's the destruction of churches... It's random murder by hand grenade... It's a mountain of corpses... It's the work of a slave. It's a pervert's dream, an avant-garde nightmare, an act of revenge... It's a Throbbing Gristle rehearsal recorded from the plague pits of Hackney... It's a dying dog... A cannibal shindig. It's terribly dirty with the eyes of a corpse... It's a radio broadcast from the abyss of cultural nihilism, crafted in the mud huts and earthen caves of the Soviet Union. It's a river winding endlessly through nothingness... It's the end of the lights of Paris and London sinking under the waters... It's Berlin in ruins. It's a hit.