22 March 2018

Distanced More

This constitutes a smorgasbord of Mark Reeve's poetry readings and song, backed up with variable sound-montages constructed by he and his friends. Outskirts with an OKOK attitude. Has an overall somewhat unnerving alien contact and deep state conspiratorial theme.
MR 2018 | 320Kbps | 44.100Hz | 33mins | MP3

A review of Distanced More by Old Pigge Bwoy:
The odd time's here. It's silver business, fugitive script projected from a lighthouse, the history of an illiterate philosopher who goes by the name of Kevin Shaman. The rats are searching for food; this blocks out the noise they make but it also enhances their presence. It's an optical illusion, a curious pattern, down there, past the fairground, beyond the hedgerow teacher and the speakers in tongues sharpening tools to dismember bodies in the sordid outhouse beyond the terrace by the flint strewn track in the shadow of the mountain. It's the hated neighbour returning home in the early hours of the morning. Busy men are worse than barking dogs; it's about the fitness of the states delineated through sounding. You're grateful for the periods of desolate drifting because they offer some respite from pain. You know that yearning that is displaced from any source or prompting, which turns upon itself and devours where it comes from? This is that. It proclaims an identity that it doesn't possess, and it worships itself as a king.