30 April 2018

From The G & B

In a homage to the Green & Black Fact, Mark Reeve conceived and constructed a multimedia conceptual artwork entitled The G & B, for reasons best known to himself. Released in a limited edition of 10 copies in January 2018, it consists of a roughly-hewn Black Book made from a sheaf of vintage photo-album paper, that is designed to be read in twilights whilst listening to the accompanying 39-minute audio MP3, 53617438297621, that consists of shortwave radio static and stations originally recorded onto bi-analogue tape by The OKOK Society during the 1990s. All copies of The G & B have since been distributed out, but the full-length duration MP3 audio file has now been made freely available to hear.
MR 2018 | 320Kbps | 44.100Hz | 39mins | MP3