29 May 2018

Update 10

So hot have to escape, enjoying the great thunderstorm. In this zone I am Firstwave Goth, HP Lovecraft's The Outsider. A Mystery Shopper, Dream of Dracula, the Seddon Tapes and survival tins, walking through and away from the Utters on a literary trip. Thus I have added another page to both The Violet Lens and Xes Says Yes.

It's been augmented by Michael Stevens' excellent fascinator, The Road to Interzone: Reading William S. Burroughs Reading, a reference work which lists, with notes, the books WSB read, and JG Ballard - The Interview Concordance, with links to many of them in full. This somehow codes to the "GO NUDIST" drawing board. For more on this healthy and efficient subculture visit British Naturism.