23 November 2019

The Base Arc

This static SSTV image was received on the Isle of Wight via amateur shortwave radio signals circa September 2018. I believe it to be programmic, seeping into the collective mind of the United Kingdom, invisible all around them, an adequate touring role. Ergo the visual ITC compilation by Keith J. Clark, founder of the iDigitalMedium Team. On the specifically audio front there be the fascinating atmosphere of the four EVP audio-cassettes made by British researcher Raymond Cass. Akin is The Portal real-time spirit communication device made by Steve Huff, that has a marvellously strange quality, in league with the online wide-band WebSDR radios here and here.

22 November 2019

Farmer's Wife Know Patterns

I've been sobering, gut feeling, needing a change in the weather, a roll in the heather. Flummoxed by two unsuccessful attempts to purchase my first-ever digital radio. Might have to shelve this particular desire, although it is quite a need. This and more sort of culminated into a quiet climax celebrated by Miles Johnston's Bases 3 video series about the Rendlesham Forest UFO weirdness, featuring its arch investigator, Brenda Butler, who is from East Anglia like me, so there is connexion. Especially liked Part 3, that gets pretty out-there, wherein Brenda speaks at length about the mysterious "Lizard Man" David Daniells (previously mentioned in Philip Kinsella & Brenda Butler, Sky Crash Throughout Time [Capall Bann, 2013]), whom she claims to have seen transform into a reptilian three times, appear/disappear and that. An internet search for him led to the 'invisible' Gresham College in the City of London and its massive collection of video talks, that includes an "UNUSUAL" section with a red unicorn head logo, which codes to a curious synch (Gresham Industrial Estate, 1 Eastern Road, Aldershot).

Some good dunno, continuing on. Texts are being written, often to the spoken-word sound of the Mind Set Podcast, paranormal- and conspiracy-themed with freeflow presentation, that I been really enjoying while avoiding type pastiche media smacks of middle-class surface wank only fit for turn-off, the seemingly bottomless well that bungles the trick, even in short bursts, not somewhat happening. There were some curious dream 'posters' folded up, each quarter a whole, and a book the colour images printed on the normal absorbent not glossy page paper which makes it like a canvas painting, something I was doing back in the day without keeping any. Blokes pub laughing, loving homely way, blood on the hands, mostly pointing to British Military bully-rape, Jesus Army stereotypical cult abuse and horseshoe comedy. The scanners, lurkers and baited parties spin into my message but the general populace bubble in droves, chomping on audience idiot boards.

21 November 2019

A Photo-Painting

On 6 April 2018, I traversed North Wales. On reaching a stretch of road I have never been too keen on, there was a single polaroid photograph pretending to be a half-finished oil painting in the middle of the pavement, image upwards and obviously meant for me to find. It was distorted by weathering but seems to have been rather abstract to begin with. It is reproduced above and has a séance look to it, with faces in the distortion areas. Perhaps it is an apport.

20 November 2019

Psycho Ripper Tongue Out

Space, yes, away, but we grow up believing. What the way is? Getting into the deeper, liminal, out-there, visionary awareness state by whatever means, thus leaving the 'normal' world behind. In the otherwhere more is possible; one is closer to the source. This is how I know. Hence the third edition of my new short existentialist poem series Psycho Ripper Tongue Out, now longer and more complex, available as a free PDF. More details and the download link are here.

19 November 2019

The Civil Crimp

I have been reading The Double Star & Other Occult Fantasies by the fin de siècle wyrdo, Jane de La Vaudère (Snuggly Books, 2018). It's the first volume of her short stories published in English, and grooves nine options to dark strangeness, described in the blurb as "exquisitely hallucinatory," that sums the matter. The Decadence is strong, enpurpled, coding up the years to the anything gasp stint, that has always seemed a bit desperate for those who haven't done or gone near it. Those who have tend to end up between the tiles though, maybe get a weird wife from letters, married in handcuffs.

One who rode the outlaw was the outright legend William S. Burroughs, a man among us, who - like Austin Osman Spare & Antonin Artaud - I keep coming back to, aligned in many ways. A complementary listen that further developed the aforementioned mood was a recently digitised collection of Mr Burroughs' rare talk tapes, coupled with Betwixt, who is literally a "dream-girl", recounting her visions. The tangent is off-world, not the monopolising monolith. There is a definite need for a nationwide network of weird charity shops, hopefully run by a UFO sex cult, that sell items useful to the aesthete (rice, incense, chocolate, walking boots, etc.) cheaply and has a free literature/audio/film section where people can donate their own or others' obscure esoteric creations to a wider audience.